How I Piece Batting for Scrap Quilts (with video!)

How I Piece Batting for Scrap Quilts (with video!)

I have talked before about my number 1 scrap rule: I always piece my batting for scrap quilts. Since I have received lots of follow up questions about how I do this, I thought I would make a video while I made a "frankenbatting" recently.

This can also be done using e a zig zag stitch on your machine, but I have found that batting tape is much easier and I would rather use my time and energy piecing quilt tops and not batting. Either one is effective and gets the job done so do what works best for you!

Supplies needed:

Batting Tape (there are other brands but I have tried several and this is my favorite, make sure to get the 2" wide tape!)


Batting Scraps - It is best if they are the same brand and loft, but as long as they are pretty close, it doesn't really matter. Click here to read my thoughts on different battings.


Giant Lint Roller - Batting scraps will collect threads. Lint roll your batting before you baste your quilt so you don't have extra threads.

I hope that you found this helpful and that it helps put your batting scraps to good use!

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Lauren on

Thanks for making this video and post! Can you do this with wool batting high loft?

Kirsten on

Thank you for taking the time to show us with the little video. It’s so very helpful. I’ve pieced batting but it took me much longer! 😅 I thought it could not overlap and I also haven’t heard of batting tape. I pinned mine and then zigzag stitched it. It took so long but being my frugal self keep saving batting scraps to do it again. Thanks to you, It’ll go more quickly next time!

Marlaine on

Thank you for this! I have accumulated a polar-bear size lump of scrap batting and was intimidated about sewing it with my itty-bitty Singer Featherweight. I love the fusible tape idea!

Jan on

Thank you! I keep saving big pieces and skinny ones for bag straps but never end up using them. I learned the big zag method but somehow I always ended up stretching the edges. This seems more practical, easier, and flatter

Jay on

This is very helpful! I’ve seen many references to piecing batting, but always wondered how to do it. Sewing pieces together never seemed to be something I’d want to do, so seeing how you use the tape is encouraging. I do wonder about cotton/poly blend batting being pressed. Is that possible? The poly doesn’t melt?

Econ on

Greatly appreciate your tutorial tip shorts. The perfect amount of detail.

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