Donating Quilts

Donating Quilts

Do you ever donate quilts? Since I make a few quilts (ha ha!) every year, this is something that I have tried to do regularly. I thought I would do a series of posts highlighting 1 or 2 different organizations with details on what types of quilts that are looking for and how to donate.

There are so many options for quilt donation and you can reach out to organizations that are local to you and there are national and international organizations that accept quilt donations. A good way to find local donation options is by contacting a local quilt guild. Most guilds are very involved and knowledgeable about quilt donation in the area. 

I know of several organizations and I asked for suggestions on Instagram and you guys really came through! I have quite a list of organizations to highlight, but I would like to keep this series of posts going long term. If you know of an organization that I should add to my list, let me know!

Quilts Beyond Borders

This group donates quilts to under-served children. The reach of the organization has expanded over time and now donates to children in 25 countries. Right now they are prioritizing sending to quilts to children who are Syrian refugees and children and elders in the Navajo nation. 

What are the requirements?

The piecing, quilting, and binding must be machine sewn with quilting no more than 3" apart for durability. Choose fabrics that will be soft and comfortable (preferably not flannel) and that have themes that would be suitable for anyone, anywhere. 

Quilts should be 40-45" wide and 48-60" long. For your convenience, I put together a list of my patterns that would make baby size quilts in this category but you can (of course!) use any pattern.

How do I donate?

Label your quilt with:
Quilts Beyond Borders
Made for You with Love
By (name of the quiltmaker)
Belongs to (leave this blank for the child)
Once you have your quilt(s) ready to donate, contact and they will send you the mailing address and answer your questions. 

Wrap the World With Quilts

This group donates quilts to Ukrainian refugees, both in Europe and in the US. 

What are the requirements?

Baby, lap, or twin sized quilts that are new or barely used. Quilts must be freshly washed and wrapped in plastic. They can be labeled with your name or a message of encouragement. 

How do I donate? 

Register your quilt here and. print the info page for each quilt. Fold it so that the QR code is visible, put the paper in a plastic bag, and safety pin it to the quilt. If you need assistance paying for shipping, you can download a discounted shipping label here
Mail the quilts to:
Wrap Ukraine with Quilts c/o Hello Cottons 
1881 W. Traverse Parkway, Suite E-419
Lehi, UT 84043

My goal is to make one of these posts at least once per week and to start donating more of my quilts to these organizations. Just hearing more about them has my itching to start sewing!

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Pat Chubb on

The senior residential community where I live has a very active quilt group. We are small in number but we keep busy! We alternate a couple months of sewing quilts and pillowcases for a local foster care support agency with sewing lap ribs for our skilled nursing facility here on-campus. The foster care support people have a clothing bank and the foster kids can go thru with a pillowcase and pick out items they like to stuff in their pillow case. Last month we donated 91 quilts and 100+ pillowcases.
For our skilled nursing facility we make lap robes so the residents don’t have to drag their quilt off the bed if they want to go to the assembly hall for a presentation or to the theater for a movie. So of our quilt group members sew, and some iron or put kits together – we welcome all volunteers.

Marianne on

Thank you for sharing this! I usually donate to a well known charity in Pennsylvania for Kids and even though I include my name and email in the box, I never get confirmation the quilts were received. I think I will donate to these you provided.

Patricia on

I have volunteered for a nonprofit that makes baby layettes for women in need in Minnesota. A quilt is included in every bundle. Although quilts are no longer used in cribs for babies, they are used for tummy time, over car seats, in strollers.

The name of the organization is
Bundles of Love Charity
Mailing address:
Bundles of Love Charity
P.O. Box 240301
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Quilts should be approximately 35-40 × 40-50, made of quilting cotton or cotton flannel. Quilts can be quilted or hand tied.

The following hand-made items are included in every newborn bundle:

1 diaper bag
1 quilt
1 afghan/warm blanket
2 receiving blankets
2 bibs
2 burp cloths
2 sleepers
2 gowns
2 onesies/t-shirts
1 jacket or sweater
1 pair of pants
either 1 hat and 1 pair mittens (winter only) or 2 hats
1 pair booties
1 toy
2 washcloths
1 bunting or car seat cover (winter only)

In addition, we include the following baby care products;
baby soap or shampoo
baby wipes

When we have extra donations, we include them in a bundle. Extra donation examples are:
fitted crib sheet
changing pads
baby lotion
baby bottles
other baby care items

Maria Slayman on

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this information. Having the details in one place should make giving joy much easier!

Donna T.. on

So appreciative of this info. I have a jelly roll of sunflowers and Ukrainian flag colors (blue and yellow) that I have planned to make to donate but had no idea where. Now I know, thank you!

Debbie on

Thanks so much for sharing this info!

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