At Dusk Quilt

At Dusk Quilt

Earlier this year I designed a project using Kona cottons and submitted it to Quilty.  A few weeks after it was accepted, I found out that Quilty was going to stop producing new issues and my quilt wasn't going to be published.

Soon after this the good people at Robert Kaufman asked me if I would be interested in making the quilt for them and having it released as a free pattern.  Yes I would!
This quilt uses almost all of my favorite Kona colors and come together pretty quickly considering that it is a 60"x75" quilt.  You can find more details about the quilt here and the free pattern will be available soon.

Since this guy is sleeping much better . . .
this photo is from a few weeks ago but it's my favorite :)
and I am back from my sister's wedding . . .
my youngest sister Kelly with her new husband, my kids, and another sister's kids
I think I will be back to posting more regularly.  I appreciate all of the support in my efforts to make my time here more meaningful and hope to be making more posts that are helpful (tips, tutorials, etc.).  I also am going to be doing a little redesigning so if things might start looking a little different soon.

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