A Little History of Kitchen Table Quilting

A Little History of Kitchen Table Quilting

Are you ready for a little look into the past? A couple of you have been around since I started quilting in 2010, but most of you have joined in more recently. Here is a little look back into how I started my business with a brief summary of each year (except for 2011 since I had 2 kids who were 2 years old and younger that year and did very little sewing!).

Kitchen Table Quilting - A History
Kitchen Table Quilting - A History
Kitchen Table Quilting - A History
Kitchen Table Quilting - A History

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Jo on

New here but I’m already in love. What quilt is pictured with 2021? I haven’t been able to find it. My next will will absolutely be one of your patterns. Now I just have to decide which one…

Charlene Morris on

I have followed for a while but not from the beginning. Nice introduction to new people. Your quilts are bright and happy

Ginny on

Thank you for sharing. It’s so nice to hear how others took up this hobby/obsession and how they make it work around all their other obligations and responsibilities. You and your designs, tutorials, videos are inspiring and motivating!

Angela on

2023 – I found your site and the plaidish quilt is now protecting my dining table. What a lot of fun I had choosing fabrics for it. 2024 – My aim is to see Tessa made up and use it as alternate table protection duty with the pink plaidish. Lovely to read your timeline. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

Karen on

Enjoyed reading your timeline of how you started your business and a small snippet into your life. Thank you for sharing your story!❤️

Robin on

I’m one of the people that made your Plaid-ish quilt. It was so cheerful and a fun memory of a unusual time.

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