Welcome to my Sample Sale! This time we are trying an auction, which several people had requested after the last sale. 

All of the auctions have different ending times and I have tried to give variety for time zone/scheduling reasons. Domestic shipping (within the US) is free and shipping for international orders will be $30 flat rate. 

The purpose of the Sample Sale is to put quilts in homes where they can get used and also to recoup some funds so I can restock necessities (batting, thread, etc.) so that I can keep writing patterns and tutorials!

This time around, I will also be donating a portion of the funds. There are an overwhelming number of places to donate, but I have decided to keep some of the donations local to me in places where I see on a regular basis and know that the funds will make a direct difference. 

10% will go to the local music boosters program. This is an organization that I am involved in and it pays for so much (SO MUCH!) that the school doesn't cover to keep the music programs going. Our high school has a lot of income diversity and there a lot of very basic needs that the program helps fund.

10% will go to our neighborhood elementary school to help buy supplies for the new school year. 

20% will go to United Way NWT. This is for the Northwest Territories in Canada that have ravaged by fires this year. I have been following the news as so many people have been displaced. The United Way is sending money to women's shelters, youth centers, Indigenous governments, and other organizations. 

The Kara Quilt in First Light
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The Kara Quilt in First Light