The Luna QAL — Week 7

The Luna QAL — Week 7

This week we are sewing our blocks together! If you are a little behind schedule, don't stress — there is lots of time toward the end of the quiltalong to catchup (including a catchup week). 

Piecing Your Blocks

There isn't too much about this process that will be different than last week. Because the blocks are decently sized, you have already done most of the work!

When sewing your quilt top together, you can sew all of your blocks into rows and then sew the rows together. This is the simplest way to do things and there is nothing wrong with it . . . except that I don't like to piece long seams and I try to have use few as possible. I put together this little video during the Carly Quiltalong to show how I piece my quilt tops.

You are still sewing the same number of inches, no matter what you do, but this way you are sewing more shorter seams and fewer longer seams.

Here are a few tips:

  • If you place a pin each time you have seams that match up, your points will match more often. 
  • Press your fabric as you go. I like to pin a batch of blocks, then sew them, then press them. In my experience, pressing the fabric more often helps the blocks to stay flat.
  • If you have a seam fold over while you are sewing, take the time to pick out the stitches and re-sew it.
  • Spend some time observing your block layout before you commit to sewing — it is much easier to make changes before you start sewing.
  • Take a black and white photo of your block layout to make sure you have a good distribution of dark/light values.
I hope that helps you. Here is a little video where I talk about block placement and show you my quilt tops.

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