The Kara Quilt Pattern — Mockups

The Kara Quilt Pattern — Mockups

I have some quilt mockups for you today using the Kara Quilt pattern. This was one was pretty easy to mockup because it works well with lots of different types of collections, so I tried to be a little more creative with the background fabrics. You guys know I love a boring old white background!

The Kara Quilt in Unruly Nature — Kitchen Table Quilting


The Kara Quilt in Dwell

Moon Garden

The Kara Quilt in Moon Garden

Cheer and Merriment

The Kara Quilt in Cheer and Merriment


The Kara Quilt in Happy

Ruby Star Society Basics — Cool Colors in Spark, Warm Colors in Speckled

The Kara Quilt in Cool SparkThe Kara Quilt in Warm Speckled


The Kara Quilt in Meander

My favorite of this bunch is Cheer and Merriment — I love this combination of fabrics as a holiday collection. I have linked to each of the collection above and they should all be available. You can find the paper or PDF version of the Kara Quilt in my shop.

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