So You Want to Make a Scrap Quilt (Part Two)

So You Want to Make a Scrap Quilt (Part Two)

Welcome back to the second part of my Scrap-Friendly Quilt Patterns series! After a few weeks of designing and sewing, I'm excited to share more patterns that will help you make the most of your fabric scraps. Stay tuned, as there will be a Part 3 coming soon, and hopefully, a Part 4 in the future, as I continue to add more scrap-friendly patterns to the shop.

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Using Scraps - 2.5" Squares

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Explore More Scrap-Friendly Patterns

In this series, you'll discover creative ways to use up your leftover fabric scraps, turning them into beautiful, unique quilts. Each pattern is designed to be beginner-friendly or experienced beginner-friendly and perfect for quilters looking to reduce waste and add a personal touch to their projects.

Benefits of Scrap Quilting

  • Eco-Friendly: Utilize leftover fabric pieces and reduce fabric waste.
  • Cost-Effective: Make quilts without purchasing new fabric.
  • Creative Freedom: Mix and match different patterns, colors, and textures.
  • Personal Touch: Each scrap quilt tells a unique story with your leftover fabric pieces.

The Erica Quilt

3" Squares

A Scrappy, Rainbow Erica Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Melody Quilt

3.5" and 4" Squares

A Scrappy Melody Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Debbie Quilt

2.5" Strips

The Debbie Quilt Pattern

On the Fence

2.5" Strips or Squares

On the Fence Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Gracie Quilt

3.5" and 4" Squares

The Gracie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Ruby Quilt

2.5" Strips

A vibrant rainbow quilt using the Ruby Quilt Pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting. The quilt is beautifully crafted with a rainbow of colorful scraps, creating a stunning visual display of patchwork

The Nina Quilt

8.5" and 9" Squares

The Nina Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting

If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here!

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