Sewing Room Update #1

Sewing Room Update #1

Progress is being made! If you missed my post a couple weeks ago, I came clean about my disastrous sewing room and I am on a quest to make the room more functional.

Sewing Room Update1
This is going to take me a little while, and if you want more frequent updates you can follow along with my Instagram stories.

The first task was to replace the shelving. The black shelves were ok, but they had a few limitations and I didn't love that they were black. I decided to get the Billy Bookcase shelves from Ikea with the extension that utilizes all of the vertical space in the room. They are also a couple inches more shallow and make the room feel a lot bigger.

The bookcase on the right is also from Ikea and called Gnedby. It is just under 8" wide and is the perfect size for fat quarters.

I have a few more plans for the room:

  • Shelving inside the closet to store solid fabric
  • Pegboard above my cutting table for tool and notion storage
  • Magnetic boards above my sewing machine table 
  • Increased lighting at my sewing and cutting tables

I would have loved to also replace the flooring to something other than carpet, but it just wasn't in the cards right now. Now I am going to get back to organizing so I can get back to sewing!

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