Quilt Ideas - Willow by 1Canoe2

Quilt Ideas - Willow by 1Canoe2

This week I thought I would make some mockups using 1Canoe2's most recent collection, Willow. Green is generally not my favorite color, but I thought it was really pretty mixed with the peachy pinks, teals, and yellows in this collection. Maybe I am starting to like green?

The collection has lots of prints which makes it really fun to mockup since the quilts end up looking a little scrappy.

My favorite prints from the collection are the Herringbone in Lagoon and Leaf — these are great stashbusters and would be amazing as a binding fabric (especially cut on the bias).

The Phoebe Quilt

The Phoebe Quilt in Willow

The Judy Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Willow

The Charlotte Quilt

The Charlotte Quilt in Willow

The Olivia Quilt

The Olivia Quilt in Willow

The Melody Quilt

The Melody Quilt in WIllow

The Elena Quilt

The Elena Quilt in Willow

The Annie Quilt

The Annie Quilt in Willow

I have linked to all of the patterns up above and you can find Willow in shops now!

Is there a collection that you would like to see mocked up? Let me know in the comments and I will do my best to make it happen!

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Mary on

Thank you for all these great mock-ups!! Would love to see Sharon Holland’s Juniper collection mocked-up in your patterns

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