Quilt Ideas - Evolve by Suzy Quilts

Quilt Ideas - Evolve by Suzy Quilts

This week I have been working on a quilt using Evolve by Suzy Quilts and I am just super impressed with how versatile the collection is and I am shocked at how much it is making my love green (normally my least favorite color) so I sort of had to do a quilt ideas post. 

This is Suzy's second collection. The first is called Duval and I did mockups using the collection a while back (you can find the mockups here, here, here, here, here, and here), but I actually bought a fat quarter bundle of it after working with Evolve because I just enjoyed it so much and I would like to combine the leftovers from the collections to make a scrappier quilt.

One super nice thing about the fabrics is that since Suzy did a line of solids with Art Gallery, it is easy to see which colors work well with the collection and that makes it a little easier to be daring with the background fabric. The quilt that I am working on right now actually uses a dark background fabric! I know, I shocked myself.

The Charlotte Quilt

The Charlotte Quilt in Evolve

The Freya Quilt

The Freya Quilt in Evolve

The Maggie Quilt

The Maggie Quilt in Evolve

The Orla Quilt

The Orla Quilt in Evolve

The Bonnie Quilt

The Bonnie Quilt in Evolve

The Elena Quilt

The Elena Quilt in Evolve

The Verity Quilt

The Verity Quilt in Evolve

I really hope that Suzy continues to release more fabric because I am hooked! You can find Evolve (and Duval) in shops now. 

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Anny on

Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I may need to go buy….

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